National & Local Studies on Eviction

The Eviction Research Network aims to highlight the important work done by our partners and other institutions throughout the country. Below you will find links to academic and non-academic research in states where we have profiled - and plan to profile. If you know of work that you think should be included in this list, please email us.

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Rental Eviction and the COVID-19 Pandemic: Averting a Looming Crisis
National Academies of Science, Engineering, & Medicine (2022)

Evidence Matters: Evictions
HUD Office of Policy Development and Research (2021)


Housing Opportunity Mobility Equity Stability (H.O.M.E.S.) Campaign: List of Latest Stories and Research
Updated frequently

Prior Evictions Among People Experiencing Homelessness in Delaware
Metraux S, Mwangi O, McGuire J. Prior Evictions Among People Experiencing Homelessness in Delaware. Dela J Public Health (2022)

Addressing the Threat of COVID-19 Related Housing Instability and Displacement in Delaware
Metraux S, Rayl M, O’Hanlon J, O’Neill S, Center for Community Research and Service & Institute for Public Administration, Joseph R. Biden, Jr. School of Policy and Public Administration, University of Delaware (2020)

Eviction and Legal Representation in Delaware - An Overview
Guterbock A, Metraux S, Biden School of Public Policy & Administration, University of Delaware (2020)


Chicago Evictions
Lawyers’ Committee for Better Housing

Addressing Eviction: Eviction in Illinois
Housing Action Illinois

Race and Eviction During the Pandemic
Gaines, Brian J. and Mazzone, Jason and Mettler, Matthew and Wilson, Robin Fretwell - Race and Eviction During the Pandemic (2022)

Unhealthy Behaviors in Urban Illinois Communities Affected by Eviction: A Descriptive Analysis
Hazekamp C, Yousuf S, Khare M, MacDowell M. - Unhealthy behaviours in urban Illinois communities affected by eviction: A descriptive analysis (2021)

Chicago Evictions and COVID-19
University of Illinois Chicago, School of Public Health


Housing Instability in Marion County Evictions Before and During COVID-19
Indiana University, Public Policy Institute, Center for Research on Inclusion & Social Policy (2021)

How Indiana Courts Can Prevent Evictions: Responding to a Looming Public Health and Economic Crisis
Health and Human Rights Clinic, Indiana University, McKinney School of Law, The Indiana Justice Project, Notre Dame Clinical Law Center (2021)

Insuring the Effectiveness of Indiana’s Landlord-Tenant Laws: The Necessity of Recognizing the Doctrine of Retaliatory Eviction In Indiana
Brian D. Casserly (2013)


The Illusion of Choice: Evictions and Profit in North Minneapolis
Dr. Lewis B, Calhoun M, Matthias C, Conception K, Reyes T, Szczepanski C, Norton G, Noble E, and Tisdale G, Center for Urban and Regional Affairs, University of Minnesota (2021)

Preventing Eviction Filing: Piloting a Pre-filing Eviction Prevention Clinic
Cohen M, Noble E, Metropolitan Housing and Communities Policy Center, Urban Institute (2020)

Mitigating Power Imbalance in Eviction Mediation: A Model for Minnesota
Hare R, Law & Ineq. 135 (2020)

Minnesota Housing: Research on Housing and Community Needs
(Last updated 2020)


Kansas City Eviction Project

St. Louis, Justice For All - Evictions

Addressing the Eviction Crisis and Housing Instability Through Mediation
Karen Tokarz, Samuel Hoff Stragand, Michael Geigerman, and Wolf Smith, Addressing the Eviction Crisis and Housing Instability Through Mediation, 63 WASH. U. J. L. & POL’Y 243 (2020)

National Eviction Risk Projections
COVID-19 Eviction Defense Project, The Aspen Institute Financial Security Program (2020)

Navigating COVID-19: Health Policy Solutions Housing
Amy Siegler, Missouri Foundation for Health (2020)


The Concentrated Geography of Eviction
Devin Rutan, Matthew Desmond (2021)

Advocates Warn of Post-Moratorium Spike
Coalition on Homelessness and Housing in Ohio

The Threat of Eviction during COVID-19: Perspectives from Cleveland’s Ohio City
Michelle Volpe-Kohler, Federal Reserve Bank of Cleveland

The Cleveland Eviction Study: Observations in Eviction Court and the Stories of Poeple Facing Eviction
April Hirsh Urban, Aleksandra Tyler, Francisca García-Cobián Richter, Claudia Coulton, Tsui Chan, Center on Urban Poverty and Community Development, Case Western Reserve University

Making Sense of Eviction Trends during the Pandemic
Hal Martin


Evicted in Oregon

Evaluating Oregon’s Safe Harbor Eviction Diversion
Lisa K. Bates, Colleen Carroll, Minji Cho, Devin MacArthur, Homelessness Research & Action Collaborative, Portland State University

Oregon's Safe Harbor for Tenants: Rocky Shoals In Eviction Diversion
Lisa Bates, Housing Crisis Research Collaborative, Homelessness Research & Action Collaborative, Portland State University


Revealing Opportunities and Challenges: An Analysis of Eviction Filings in Pennsylvania
The Housing Alliance of Pennsylvania (2022)

Longer Trips to Court Cause Evictions
Hoffman, David A. and Strezhnev, Anton - Longer Trips to Court Cause Evictions (2022)

Eviction In Allegheny County: A Mixed-Methods Study By The Pittsburgh Foundation
The Pittsburgh Foundation (2021)

Evictions in Philadelphia: A Data & Policy Update
Ira Goldstein, Emily Dowdall, Colin Weidig, Janine Simmons, Brian Carney, Policy Solutions, Reinvestment Fund (2019)


A Review Of Eviction Protections In Dallas, Texas
Timothy Bray, The Institute for Urban Policy Research at the University of Texas at Dallas (2021)

Displaced in Place: Manufactured Housing, Mass Eviction, and the Paradox of State Intervention
Esther Sullivan, Department of Sociology, University of Colorado Denver (2017)

Retaliatory Eviction in Texas - An Analysis and a Proposal
Jane E. Bockus, St. Mary’s University (1978)