Research for social good.

We create things that can't be unseen. The Eviction Research Network collects, analyzes, & maps eviction data while helping other researchers map & analyze theirs. We specialize in using social & data science to analyze racial & gender disparities in eviction & urban theory to help explain our findings. Our goal is to expand public & scholarly knowledge on the prevalence & drivers of evictions in under-studied regions, highlight work from scholars in the field, & provide evidence-based research that legislatures, practitioners, & advocates can use to inform policy.

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Earlier Work

Dayton, OH - 2015-2022 | Bay Area, CA - 2021 | Baltimore, MD - 2019 | Washington State - 2017



Washington State

UC Berkeley Team

Research Collaborators

Expert Collaborators

    Edmund Witter - Housing Justice Project Washington; Matt Hill - Public Justice Center Maryland; Eric Dunn - National Housing Law Project Virginia; Sandra Park - ACLU New York

Student Alumni

    Ian Kennedy Ph.D., Anisha Keshavan Ph.D., Yohan Min Ph.D, Max McDonald, Lucero Mejia, Avery Richards Ph.D., Amit Cohen, Ashley Santos, Emely Ramirez, Aniket Rahane

Organizational Collaborators & Funders

Want to collaborate?

If you have eviction data you need help with, would like to collaborate, or just want to share your research on our site, please email us!