A collaborative research project for social good.

Formally the Evictions Study, The Eviction Research Network collects, analyzes, & maps eviction data while helping other researchers map & analyze theirs. We specialize in using social & data science to analyze racial & gender disparities in eviction & urban theory to help explain our findings. Our goal is to expand public & scholarly knowledge on the prevalence & drivers of evictions in under-studied regions, highlight work from scholars in the field, & provide evidence-based research that legislatures, practitioners, & advocates can use to inform policy.

New Pandemic State Maps & Profiles
2016 to 2022

Delaware | Indiana | Minnesota | Oregon

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Pennsylvania | Missouri | Illinois | Ohio | Texas

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Earlier Work

Dayton, OH - 2015-2022 | Bay Area, CA - 2021 | Baltimore, MD - 2019 | Washington State - 2017



Washington State

UC Berkeley Team

Research Collaborators

Expert Collaborators

    Edmund Witter - Housing Justice Project Washington, Matt Hill - Public Justice Center Maryland, Eric Dunn - National Housing Law Project Virginia, Sandra Park - ACLU New York

Student Alumni

    Ian Kennedy Ph.D., Anisha Keshavan Ph.D., Yohan Min Ph.D, Max McDonald, Lucero Mejia, Avery Richards Ph.D., Amit Cohen

Organizational Collaborators & Funders

Want to collaborate?

If you have eviction data you need help with, would like to collaborate, or just want to share your research on our site, please email us!